ETH polyEfair after movie created in link instinct® studios hosted by speaker Harry Flint 

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Application Area

Video after movie used as event flashback for international participants, visitors and sponsors.

  • Customer Briefing 
  • Creative storywriting and User involvement
  • Visual artwork
  • Visual graphics
  • Contencreation for Cinector STAGE 
  • Set-up of Screencast in virtual TV Studio Software Cinector STAGE
  • Host Harry Flint to moderate Video
  • Iteration loops with client

Team link instinct® has created "a different" flashback movie as usually known. 

Starting from scratch a storyboard was created that speaks from a visitor perspective. Harry Flint has been involved in ETH technological transfer events for the past 8+ years. 

He was truly dedicated to tell the story different. 

Click to learn more about link instinct® Medienproduktion (German)
Sophisticated technology was used to design and create this outstanding video setting. 

Thank to latest virutal TV Studio setting software Cinector STAGE was able to offer a video template Interface. 

Speaker Harry Flint was put into a scenery known from national broadcast stations.
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