Media Day 

Create new stories with your News Event.

We Wir begleiten Dich bei Deinem Media Day allumfassend medial.

The tool:
Media Day

A new story to your business. Present yourself.

"Our business, our product is currently not sufficiently visible on the market."

"We do know what we want, but conceptualizing SUCH AN EVENT  on our own?" 

"The impact would be enormous.
How do we implement that?"

"To be honest? We simply need professional consulting and support."

We will provide overarching media support for you on your Media Day 

We take over the entire conception, production and dissemination.

Starting with press teasers on all forms of communication at the Media Day in advance to effective post-event reporting.

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Media Day
for businesses, organizations and public institutions

Comprehensive professional reporting 

We present your business on one day live from your location. 

Thereby we create presence and you reach your market, while grabbing attention to your target group. 

Use the concentrated power of the Media Day, in order to improve your position in the market, readdress your target market better, or recommunicate your image. 

Your experts 

What do you need to focus on, in order to reach your target group? 

With Media Day, we broadcast, you broadcast on all channels.

Our reporters take a look behind the scenes at the Media Day. 

How can you involve your team at the Media Day?

How do you hold press conferences as part of the Media Day?

Your benefits

For businesses

  • demonstrate presence 
  • intensify your image, retell your Corporate Story differently 
  • present product range and product innovation 
  • Maximize perception through additional diverse forms of communication
  • Increase proximity to customers
  • demonstrate transparency
  • Gain new groups of customers
  • accompany Management of Change/ Corporate Identity in the media and strengthen it within the company 
  • Strengthen location and have an impact beyond

For organizations

  • Offer partners a large, attractive showcase
  • Maximize presence in the media
  • Generate awareness
  • Intensify lobbying 
  • Present locational advantages 

For public institutions

  • Be  demonstrably  in touch with the people 
  • Generate transparency
  • Enable an interactive exchange with citizens
  • Strengthen institutions through presence in the media
  • demonstrate communicative competence
  • document your own events vividly
Plan your Media Day
Arrange a demonstration of Media Day

Media Day showcases

Media Day impressions

Retell your story: use all forms of communication

On Media Day we offer communication on all channels. 

The orchestrated Interplay of many of our tools creates a new, vivid full picture. 


Vivid talks with management and employees. 


Moderated talk, presentations or panel discussions on your topics.

Statement Client

Positive customer feedback  as live-players or fade-in from home or abroad.

Statement Staff

Statement of employees on production and operation.

Product Spotlight

Presentation of individual products or product series. 

Accentuation of specific features.

Backstage Insights

Special insights into business units with important news to the target group. 


Live reaction on pre-moderated, selected questions, comments by business-owned social media channels


Drone ride over the company as introduction, impressions of the facility, machinery or as the case may be.

The services 

DETERMINE | Discover 

01  |  Concept / Editing

Extensive project management

Support during conception, coaching and production

Coordination with all internal and external partners interfaces (GF, Marketing, advertising and PR agency)

On demand: coaching on moderating  by relevantly experienced media professionals

DO | Implement

02  |  Production

Professional editorial team from press/radio/television

Complete picture, sound and lighting control

Complete hardware setup from one source (image/sound/light)

Production of video feeds via StoryBox Smartphone App possible.

Live moderation with experienced moderators 

Interviews, testimonials, talks, presentations or panels, statements, atmospheric reportage, insights and outlooks

Interactive communication with moderated chat, QAs or Interaktive Kommunikation mit moderiertem Chat, QAs oder integrated discussion on live stage

DELIVER | Disseminate 

03  |  Dissemination / PR

Dissemination of the live stream via own or our media channels possible.

Achieve reach through consistent use of social media channels

Optional: creation / production accompanying media formats such as landing pages

Press/ PR support through strong press platforms 

Generating visibility

Interviews with initiators, management and team members

Making-of videos for vivid documentation

Visitors' feedback 

Activating visitor groups early through image, text and video teasers

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The equipment

4K cameras with programmable tracking shots

Individual microphoning for perfect sound

Picture- and sound mixing live with software and hardware

Smooth hardware coding for live upstream

Can be used for all events of all types and sizes

Optional: lighting control for all circumstances

The packages

Apart from the three following packages, we offer both a minimized solution and a completely individualized great model, depending on the desired effort.  Included services: Travel expenses, technical setup

Media Day S

  • Editorial preparation (4 h.)
  • 1 mobile studio on site
  • Live broadcast(s) up to 2 hours.
  • Streaming performance*
  • Recording for later use 


  • Moderator
  • Chat, questions from the audience
  • Creation (concept, design and production of media)  

Media Day M

  • Editorial preparation
    (up to 4 h.)
  • 2 mobile studios on site
  • Live broadcast(s) up to 4 hours.
  • Production of video clips (1 day)
  • Streaming performance*
  • Recording for later use


  • Moderator
  • Chat, questions from the audience
  • Creation (concept, design and production of media)  

Media Day L

  • Editorial reperation
    (up to 12 h.)
  • 3 mobile studios on site
  • Live broadcast(s) up to 8 h.
  • production of video clips (1 day)
  • Rehearsals the day before the live broadcast
  • Streaming performance*
  • Recording for later use 


  • Moderator
  • Chat, questions from the audience
  • Creation (concept, design and production of media)  
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